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Posted on 2020-01-27 17:36:47 by Brawlence

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"It depends on your lines really. You shouldn't necessarily need to delete them, if you weight them appropriately in the right spots it should look ok with them still on.
I'm by no means a pro, but I think lines can be irrelevant to any stylistic realism, it's more about colors and lighting for that. You got guys like LM7 who retain full sketchy linearts, and still render images that look like 3d game engines, or WLOP who has no lines at all, and looks like a painting. Unless you're going for absolute photorealism, then you shouldn't be doing anime anyways cause that's some high level shit blending anime with reality and not having it look uncanny and disturbing.
People don't really zoom in and examine your lines as much as you do for yourself. If you look closer at my Asuka, it's an absolute messy disaster, and that isn't a stylistic choice, it's a bad mix of laziness and inexperience. I'd rather ink everything these days to keep my colors tight and forms defined. I just don't want to spend 8hours on a freebie meme drawing. Nothing personnel requester friends. HEH." - carebu