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Posted on 2017-03-12 21:33:49 by anooon

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Posted on 2019-09-20 03:27:45 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
another image where a user removed all tags.

Posted on 2019-09-20 21:08:40 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
What the hell
Looks like Lemon (StayLemon?) is deleting all the tags and downvoting the scores into nevatives to make the pictures hidden. I'm assuming it's the artist himself, since he tagged the picture with his name back in 2017.

Posted on 2019-10-25 21:48:23 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
Can the mods or admins ban him or something? What he is doing is tag vandalism.