6 years ago
Editting tags will be handled by Operators. These are just a rank above a regular member with this ability. If you want to do this please let me know here.
6 years ago
Long-term Danbooru tagger (and frequent /a/ lurker) here.

Any chance you could enable copyright/character tags?
6 years ago
I've made about 7 pages of basic tags, I thought it was alright from the standard /a/ threads and didn't think to check the forum. Is it alright if I continued to post these tags or should i go and remove them all?
6 years ago
Kikimaru said:
Any chance you could enable copyright/character tags?

Any news on this?
It would be a useful addition.
5 years ago
I would be a lot more inclined to tag if basic colour differentiation was added for copyright/character/artist.
5 years ago
I checked the booru project forum and unfortunately:
Its not in the version we run.

3 years ago
Assisting in the tagging efforts.
Sorry for the necro, but would it be ok to assist in tagging posts?

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